Missing or Incomplete Title

If the title is incomplete in the MD Record, e.g., ABC 123 [missing course title], Click on Edit Representation
Step 10 screenshot
Click on Alma Viewer
Step 11 screenshot
Click on CLOSE & VIEW
Step 12 screenshot
Copy Complete Course Info
Highlight and copy the title text (or whatever's missing from Course Code: Course Title)
Step 13 screenshot
Click on Cancel
Step 14 screenshot
Click on Record
Step 15 screenshot
Click on Edit Record
Step 16 screenshot
Fix/Paste Complete Course Info
Step 17 screenshot
Click on the down-triangle next to Save
Step 18 screenshot
Click on Save and Release Record
This will move the deposit to "Assigned to Me" under the Deposit Tasks. I tend to work through a couple dozen before approving multiple at a time (below).
Step 19 screenshot
Select the items you want to bulk approve
These are typically the items that you have to edit the title in the MD record. Unfortunately, the title doesn't update in the title column, but if you check the Record tab, the complete course info that you copied is there.
Step 20 screenshot
Click on Process Selected
Step 21 screenshot
Click on Approve
Step 22 screenshot
Verify with the pop-up message "X Deposit(s) approved successfully"
Move on to the next items to approve.
Step 23 screenshot