Conflicting Access Rights Statements

Below is a contradictory example of access statements. The instructor selected both "opt-out" and gave "Admissions special access." If a deposit has conflicting access rights in the MD record, you can return the deposit and the instructor will re-select one of the checkboxes rather than both.
Step 24 screenshot
Click on Return
Step 25 screenshot
Click on Conflicting access statements
Step 26 screenshot
Copy/Paste text below into text area in Alma
Thanks for your syllabus deposit. We need clarification on the access you want to provide for viewing. Your syllabus can only have one check box checked for access.
After logging in with the above link, please click the Edit button on your syllabus deposit, select one of the two checkboxes for access, then click submit. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]
Step 27 screenshot
Click on Return
Step 28 screenshot
Verify "Returned" Status
The status for the deposit now reads "Returned"
Step 29 screenshot