Davidson College Library collects course syllabi through user-deposits in Alma. This empowers users in the metadata creation process and it alleviates processing time for library workers. Alma Digital (know as Digital Davidson) is a centralized place for current students, faculty, and staff to view past syllabi for a variety of purposes, e.g., curriculum assessment, text analysis, course planning, and accreditation. This section of the documentation is intended for those processing syllabi in Alma (library workers).

Table of Contents (TOC)

There are five tracks in this workflow. You can use the TOC to navigate around or click through each page separately with the "Next" button at the bottom of each page. Before diving into each track, let's get set up in Alma.

Setup in Alma

Login and Initial Setup
Click on Deposits under Tasks
Step 2 screenshot
Click on Unassigned
Step 3 screenshot
Click on the first Title link, e.g., SOC 347: Transnationalism
Step 4 screenshot
Verify the Title follows the following pattern ABC 101: Course Title
Step 5 screenshot

Simple Deposit Track

Click for Simple Deposit
If it's complete (ABC: Course Title), continue below. This is an example of a deposit that has nothing to edit or add. It simply needs approval.
If it has an access statement for Admission, conflicting access statements, or opt-out, continue below.
Click on the Record tab
Step 7 screenshot
Check Access Rights Statement(s)
This is an example of a basic/simple approval process as the instructor hasn't opted out nor given extra access to Admissions and the title is complete.
Step 8 screenshot
Click on Approve
Confirm the approval and move on to the next deposit.
Step 9 screenshot

Missing/Incomplete Title

Click for missing/incomplete title
If the title is incomplete in the MD Record, e.g., ABC 123 [missing course title], Click on Edit Representation
Step 10 screenshot
Click on Alma Viewer
Step 11 screenshot
Click on CLOSE & VIEW
Step 12 screenshot
Copy Complete Course Info
Highlight and copy the title text (or whatever's missing from Course Code: Course Title)
Step 13 screenshot
Click on Cancel
Step 14 screenshot
Click on Record
Step 15 screenshot
Click on Edit Record
Step 16 screenshot
Fix/Paste Complete Course Info
Step 17 screenshot
Click on the down-triangle next to Save
Step 18 screenshot
Click on Save and Release Record
This will move the deposit to "Assigned to Me" under the Deposit Tasks. I tend to work through a couple dozen before approving multiple at a time (below).
Step 19 screenshot
Select the items you want to bulk approve
These are typically the items that you have to edit the title in the MD record. Unfortunately, the title doesn't update in the title column, but if you check the Record tab, the complete course info that you copied is there.
Step 20 screenshot
Click on Process Selected
Step 21 screenshot
Click on Approve
Step 22 screenshot
Verify with the pop-up message "X Deposit(s) approved successfully"
Move on to the next items to approve.
Step 23 screenshot

Conflicting Access Rights Statements

Click for conflicting Access Rights Statements
Below is a contradictory example of access statements. The instructor selected both "opt-out" and gave "Admissions special access." If a deposit has conflicting access rights in the MD record, you can return the deposit and the instructor will re-select one of the checkboxes rather than both.
Step 24 screenshot
Click on Return
Step 25 screenshot
Click on Conflicting access statements
Step 26 screenshot
Copy/Paste text below into text area in Alma
Thanks for your syllabus deposit. We need clarification on the access you want to provide for viewing. Your syllabus can only have one check box checked for access.
After logging in with the above link, please click the Edit button on your syllabus deposit, select one of the two checkboxes for access, then click submit. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]
Step 27 screenshot
Click on Return
Step 28 screenshot
Verify "Returned" Status
The status for the deposit now reads "Returned"
Step 29 screenshot

Admissions Access in MD Record

Click for Admissions Access
Click on the Record tab to verify the access rights statement
Step 30 screenshot
Admissions Access Rights Statement
If the instructor has selected the access statement for Admissions to view the syllabus for planning campus visits, the access statement needs editing in the Inventory tab.
Step 31 screenshot
Click on Inventory
This is where you can change the access rights policy, default, opt-out, or admission access.
Step 32 screenshot
Click on Edit Representation
Step 33 screenshot
Click on X
Click the X to remove the current policy.
Step 34 screenshot
Click on Syllabi_Admissions: View and Download (special permissions)
Step 35 screenshot
Click on Save
Step 36 screenshot
Click on Approve
Confirm the approval and move on to the next deposit.
Step 37 screenshot


Click for Opt-out
If the deposit has "Opt-out" then we'll need to update the access rights statement.
Step 38 screenshot
Click on Inventory
Step 39 screenshot
Click on Edit Representation
Step 40 screenshot
Select Syllabi_Opt-out: View and Download (special permissions)
Step 41 screenshot
Click on Save
Step 42 screenshot
Click on Approve
Step 43 screenshot